UpFront Conf 2015


Here's a list of useful things to know, please let us know if we've missed anything @upfrontconf.

Will there be a social event on Monday evening?

Yes, please keep an eye out on Twitter for more details. It will likely be somewhere around the Northern Quarter.

What time should I arrive?

Please arrive at the venue at 9am to get registered, grab a drink and find a seat ready to begin at 9.45am.

Will there be food/drink?

There certainly will. We'll have tea and coffee available throughout the day and a variety of food choices available at lunch. There's also plenty of places nearby if you fancy venturing out.

Will there be Wi-Fi?

Yes, details will be given on the day. We'll do our best to keep the Wi-Fi up on the day, please help by switching off things like Dropbox.

Are the talks being filmed?

Yes, we appreciate there's a lot of information to take in, in just one day. Five Simple Steps will be filming on the day and the videos will be online and available after they've been edited.

Will there be an after party?

Yes, this will be at Black Dog Ballroom on Wakefield street. There's a few Black Dog Ballrooms, please make sure you come to the right one! 11 - 13 New Wakefield St, Manchester, M1 5NP.

After Party Map Map Image | Google Maps

Do you have a Code of Conduct?

Absolutely, Code of Conduct.

Will Ben Foxall be wearing shorts?

This is almost guaranteed!

What, even it's raining?


Who did Simon model his hair cut on?

We've had 2 suggestions so far, keep them coming!


Questions? Contact us on @upfrontconf or rachel@manchesterdigital.com.

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